Changes to Internet Explorer Browser Support

Jeremy Mansfield
December 15, 2015

We always do our best to keep our coding standards high and follow only the most promising web development trends to make sure that your projects come out pixel perfect, up-to-date, and future-proof.

Today, we would like to announce that from now on, our default Internet Explorer browser version will be IE 11. Older IE versions will not be supported. The main reasons we decided to drop support for versions 10, 9, and older are twofold.

First, older versions are now outdated (according to November 2015 stats, less than 3% of users are still using IE 8–10, and this number keeps diminishing). Microsoft officially stops supporting older versions of IE starting January 12, 2016. This means that older versions are not going to be secure to use starting January 12.

Second, IE 11 allows us to use the latest web development technologies, so we are able to produce even cleaner and clearer code, and, as a result, your sites perform better.

At Brand Aid, we value innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction above all. That is why we are making this change, but we are always open to your comments and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any.

We look forward to your amazing ideas, and we are always here to help you!

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